FAQ from Landlords

01. How often does your company carry out inspections?
One month after the tenant moves in and then once every six months. The inspection report will then be sent to you with your End-of-Month statement.
By law, we are required to do a minimum of one inspection and a maximum of four inspections per year. Two inspections per year are scheduled as standard practice, if required by our landlords we are able to do an additional two inspections per year.
No more than 80 individual properties are managed by any one property manager in order to maintain the highest possible level of service to both landlord and tenant.
All calls to our office are treated with priority. Our property managers will always endeavour to take your call promptly. However there are occasions when we will not be immediately available. It is company policy to respond to all calls within 24hours of being received.
Once a month, on the last day of the month.
Electronic Funds Transfer or cheque.
Email or post.
Communication with our landlords is very important to us. We endeavour to keep our landlords informed and updated of any issues that may be present in a timely and efficient manner. Email is the preferred option for most communication; however phone calls, faxes and letters are also used.
    Please contact our friendly property management team for details of our fees on 69 710 710.
Yes, you will need to nominate a plumber and an electrician.
The tenant must attempt to contact our office. If unable to reach us, they must attempt to contact the landlord directly to arrange urgent maintenance. If the tenant does not attempt to contact us or the landlord, they are in breach of the Residential Lease Agreement.

If unable to make contact, the tenant may call the nominated tradesman directly. If the tenant contacts the tradesman directly, they must pay the tradesman and lodge a written notification and claim, attaching the invoices, to our office. Once the claim is received, the cost must be refunded to the tenant. This is set out in section 16 of the Residential Lease Agreement. The urgent repair cost cannot exceed the limit of $1,000.
Our organisation offers a fresh approach to customer service. All our property managers offer professional, friendly service at all times and are prepared to go that extra mile to achieve the best results. We offer very competitive fees while continuing to maintain a high level of service.
The rent will be reviewed 6 monthly or at the end of a fixed term lease agreement. A market review will be done on your property and compared to others in the area that are similar, so we can reach a market price.
A thorough tenant selection process is carried out. All potential tenants are required to complete a comprehensive application form detailing: current and previous tenancies; a minimum of 3 character references; and income and employment details.

We also screen all potential tenants through TICA Default Tenancy Control System (Australia’s largest tenancy database) to ensure they have not been black listed. After an interview and a meticulous review of the responses on the application form, a short list of potential tenants is formed. From this, we recommend the best candidate to our landlord for final approval.
Rental payments are strictly monitored for all our rental properties. At the first sign of arrears, contact is made with the tenant to request up to date payment. If difficult circumstances are identified by the tenant they are given every opportunity to make reasonable arrangements to pay any arrears. If a tenant falls more than 14 days into arrears and a reasonable arrangement has not been made or has not been complied with, the tenancy will be terminated.
Both landlord and tenant receive notice in writing as to why and when the lease is being terminated, specifying when the property is required to be vacated. The tenant is also advised to review the condition report and ensure the property is in satisfactory condition upon vacating. Our property manager contacts the tenants directly to ensure the process is understood and the termination notice has been received.

Once vacated, our property manager conducts a thorough inspection of the property. From this inspection, anything that does not meet the expected standards is identified and arrangements are then made to have the previous tenant bring the property to the expected standard. The previous tenant may choose to fix the issue themselves or our office can arrange this to be completed for them. All issues are finalised prior to the bond being returned and releasing the property back onto the rental market.

For more information on your rights as a landlord or to find out how to rent out your property, please contact Eldridge Properties on (02) 69 710 710 or contact us.