Top Tips for Selling Real Estate

Preparing Your Property For Sale

So you have taken the first step and decided to sell your house, but what now? A successful sale does not happen by accident. These 10 easy steps will guide you through the preparation process and help you get the best price possible:

1. Your House is a like an old car:
Sure it gave you some good mileage and you affectionately named her Betty, but she is no longer yours. You have decided to put your house on the market, so put your emotions aside and say your goodbyes. The house is no longer your home - don’t look back!

2. Hide those photos!
No one wants to see Little Jack pulling faces or Aunty Norma sun-baking on the beach. If people are distracted they cannot imagine their own photos on the walls. Buyers should be able to see themselves in their new home.
3. Hoard no more:
Humans have a knack for collecting an amazing amount of “one day it will be useful” items. If you don’t use it, get rid of it. While you’re at it, de-clutter kitchen counters and bathroom sinks.

4. Snoop proof:
Admit it, who doesn’t love a good snoop? Buyers will open closets, cabinets and drawers, judging you on your house-keeping skills. A well-organised drawer implies that you take good care of the whole house. So go a little crazy. Alphabetise spices and line up shoes; every detail counts.
5. Rent a storage unit:
You know that ottoman everyone trips over? Store it. Store any furniture that is not an essential item, is in the way or makes the room look smaller than it is. You want to show how spacious and versatile a room is, not confuse buyers.
6. Take and replace:
If you want to take fixed appliances or furniture with you, replace them before showing people through your home. Once you tell a buyer they cannot have the dishwasher – no matter how old it is and how much water it leaks – they want it, and it could blow your deal. Remove all items you are taking and replace them if necessary.
7. You sell, you fix!
Do minor repairs to portray your house in the best light possible. If there is a crack in a tile, fix it. Patch holes in walls, make sure all the lights work and fix that leaky tap! If ever there is a time it is now. A buyer doesn’t want to move into a house and be given a DIY maintenance list.
8. Clean like a machine!
You want your house to be spotless; inside and out. Wash windows, hang up fresh towels, vacuum and mop, clean out the refrigerator and pressure wash the exterior. Selling your house is a great reason to do all the nitty gritty cleaning you never get around to.
9. Would you go in?
Stand outside and imagine, if you were looking for a house, would you go inside? Is your house welcoming? Is your furniture well-placed? Take a walk around the house in your potential buyer’s shoes. What do you think? Make little changes and if the person doesn’t buy your house, by all means keep their shoes.
10. Rate or hate?
If an agent can’t drag a buyer out of their car because the garden is overgrown and looks like it leads to Narnia, you’re doing something wrong. Your house needs to have curb appeal. Keep the sidewalk clear, mow the lawn, make sure the house number is visible and paint the exterior of your house. A good impression is worth its weight in gold, as I am sure you will discover if you follow these 10 easy tips.

Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

When appointing your real estate agent, look for someone you feel comfortable with. You will need to work with your agent throughout the marketing and sales process of your property.

A good agent will have an extensive knowledge of the local market conditions and the ability to communicate readily with you on all aspects of your property.

For more help selling your home, advice on choosing the right agen and the best results, contact Eldridge Properties on 69 710 710 or contact us.